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Should you repair or replace the water service?

We will occasionally recommend a spot repair rather than full line replacement.

When is this recommendation made?

  • When the water line is not galvanized steel.
  • Copper and Plastic water pipes may have a flaw or stress location that causes a leak. In these cases correcting this defect can be a repair that will last.
  • Why not repair a galvanized water pipe?
  • When there is a leak in your water line the water pressure throughout the line is reduced. Once we repair the leak and the pressure goes back up the pipe will usually break in the next weakest area fairly quickly.
  • Your new PEX water pipe can be installed for just 2 to 3 times what a spot repair would cost. We’d rather see you fix it once and forget it.

Trenchless water pipe installation, the fastest and cleanest way to get you back in service

The drill is then guided to the location where we will make the connection to the house plumbing.  This can be into a crawl space, a valve box next to the house or even through the concrete foundation wall.  We then connect the new PEX water pipe to the drill rod and pull it back out of the ground.  We also pull a blue copper wire attached to the new pipe.

PEX Plumbing installs new PEX water service pipe without digging a trench across the yard.  This is clean and it’s fast.  We can usually have your water back on within a few hours.

How it works:

Trenchless installation is done with a Horizontal Directional Drill (HDD) for short.  A Horizontal Drill is a large contraption with hydraulic motors and rams.  It has a rack of rods that are spring steel and semi flexible.  Because of the way the front rod is shaped it can be manipulated in the ground to steer around objects or terrain.  We dig a hole at the water meter to make connections.

The blue tracer wire enables a person to be able to locate the water pipe if there is ever a need in the future to know exactly where it is.  If the new pipe is penetrating the foundation wall we pay special attention to the way we seal that penetration to make sure that there is never any groundwater that comes into the home.  We then simply make connections on each side of the new pipe and you are back in service.

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